Epoxy floor coating for residential by Devine Custom Painting in Evansville, IN

Epoxy Floor Coating & Stained Concrete Floors in Evansville, IN

Customize your building's floors with concrete staining in Evansville, IN

Want your space to reflect your style? Turn to Devine Custom Painting for stained concrete floors. With the right stain, we can make your concrete surfaces look however you want them to. Staining your concrete floors keeps them from looking like the same old flooring you'd find in a parking garage.

We can also seal concrete floors to keep them from getting damaged, and do flake floors. Do you want a certain texture for your concrete? We etch designs and patterns into concrete flooring. Our services are available for both residential and commercial clients.

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Add an epoxy floor coating to protect your floor from damage

With an epoxy floor coating from us, you won't have to worry about scrapes or scratches showing up on your floors. The epoxy coating seals the surface and keeps it from damage.

In addition to adding epoxy coatings, we can:

  • Make marbleized reflective floors
  • Create flake floors
  • Use diamond tools to grind floors

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