Restore Your Furnishings and Cabinetry

Restore Your Furnishings and Cabinetry

Turn to us for furniture refinishing in Evansville, IN

Has your furniture been scraped up or damaged in a move? Devine Custom Painting can restore it. Our furniture refinishing process takes pieces that have seen better days and fixes them up. We can make your scuffed-up sofa look brand-new again.

We use lacquer and conversion varnish to make your furniture shine. We'll refinish your whole bedroom suite. We can even change stained furniture so it can be painted. We work with dry glazes to bring out the look you want to see in your furniture.

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Fix up your kitchen or bathroom with our cabinet refinishing

After years of wear and tear, your kitchen cabinets probably don't look the way they did when you moved in. Our cabinet refinishing improves the look of your cabinets so you don't have to deal with the damage of years past.

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